For Players

For Players

ConCardia has two parts: the card game and the augmented reality convention game.

The Card Game
ConCardia: C4 is a fun, quick to learn card game for any number of players. Each player has their own deck so they each develop their own strategy. The basic mechanics are simple, but the diversity of cards is tremendous. Unlike most strategy card games, ConCardia ties in to the world around you. Cards are based on various real world things like convention vendors, bands, real people, and more. Card effects often reference the environment you are playing in, such as an effect that only affects players wearing pants or with visible tattoos or with long hair, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

The Convention Augmented Reality Game
In addition to buying pre-constructed sets, you can collect exclusive cards at various conventions from Maryland to Connecticut. For no additional cost, players can sign up to hunt for ConCardia cards, finding them from vendors, performers, staff, and others. Players will also receive quests for which they will get additional special cards. Convention cards are often the most quirky and creative ConCardia cards because they are based on the unique identities of those who are giving them out.

Getting Cards at Conventions
Players signing up to get their basic cards.

After deciding that ConCardia is awesome and you want to play it, come over to the ConCardia table. You sign up with your email address and cell phone number. (Of course, this information is not shared and only used for the game.) Throughout the weekend, you'll get texts telling you where you can find special cards and other things you might want to know at the con.

When you sign up, you'll get a list of cards and where to find many of them. At some cons, there are tribes or factions where you'll get to choose a team to sign up with. At Steampunk Worlds Fair, for example, you could be an Airship, Maker, or Adventurer player.

Playing the Game

Learning to play ConCardia is easier than ever. In the fourth edition of the ConCardia rules, the game is now perfect for playing with friends at a convention. It takes less than a minute to learn to play, and can be played by any number of players. Most games take about 15 minutes but your game may run shorter or longer depending on how you play and how much laughter interrupts your game.


You don't play ConCardia just because it's fun (although it is), you also play it for fabulous prizes!

Grand prize winner Ashley shows her prize winning
card collection of version 1 cards at 
Steampunk Worlds Fair in 2013.
We know that some people will have a lot of fun with the scavenger hunt while others will get their kicks playing the game. So to please two kinds of players, there are two ways to win prizes. You can win by collecting cards and by winning tournaments at the convention.

Many of our fantastic vendors provide awesome prizes for you to win in tournaments. In addition, you can win free admission to future conventions hosting ConCardia by collecting certain sets of cards.

The Grand Prize

The Grand Prize at each event, given to the first player to collect a challenging list of cards, is a season pass which can give you free admission to any and all of the conventions hosting ConCardia for the next year. Not only that, but we will print 100 copies of a custom card in your honor which you can give out to anyone you like.