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What is ConCardia?
The sponsored card for
Corvus Creations at
Steampunk World's Fair 2014.
It's a card game played throughout the con played by hundreds of attendees which has been run at numerous events including Wicked Faire, Steampunk World Fair, and other great events since 2012. Attendees receive their starter cards when they first arrive, and then have the opportunity to sign up as active players. When they are active, they give us their cell number and we text them throughout the weekend to tell them where to find exclusive cards.

The first task that every player is given when they sign up is to visit the booths of each of our sponsoring vendors and collect their cards. Only after they have completed this task are they able to complete other tasks to earn other cards.

Cards can also be used to promote
books, like this card promoting
Gravely Inanimated
by Esther Wheelmaker
ConCardia is an excellent opportunity to promote a vending booth, or even some other product. If you are looking to promote an event, book, web site, podcast, or anything else, you can sponsor one of the starter cards. Your product information will be on one of the cards given to every person who plays ConCardia at the event.

Unlike typical promotional material that consumers might read and throw away, a ConCardia card is playable at future events. They might keep your card, with your web site and other info, forever, building into a deck that they play for years to come.

If you have something to let
people know about, a ConCardia
card can do it, like this card for
The Invisible World Podcast.
As a vendor, you have the opportunity to be a sponsor of ConCardia and use the power of the game to drive business to your booth. Your business will be listed on the guide of where to find cards, driving every active player right to you. To get an exclusive card to give out in the game only costs a modest sponsorship fee plus a prize to be given out at our tournament during the weekend. When you choose to be involved, you simply let Michael know what you would like your card to be called, the business promotional information to be on the card and an idea of what you'd like your card to do.

The grand prize for ConCardia is a season pass to all events that ConCardia is played at for the next year, including all Jeff Mach Events, and the card which you are giving out will be necessary to win any major prize, so this will drive traffic to you at this event.

For more information, email Michael at

Does It Work?
This card is estimated to have
brought as much as 35% of the
traffic to the vendor who gave it out.
At Steampunk World's Fair 2014, our very first event with card sponsorship. We had dozens of participating vendors and got excellent feedback from all of them.

One vendor in particular, Winged Wolf Caravan, had a spot slightly off the main path. They estimated that 25-35% of their traffic was due directly to having a ConCardia card at their table!