Custom Cards

What makes ConCardia unique is that it is made from the world you know. Cards are from events you attend, stores you frequent, performers you enjoy, etc. You can even have your own card. How? It's easy.

For $30 you get 100 copies of a card you specify. You provide the image, the name, and even what you want it to do (but we have to approve the game effect).

Just use the Paypal button below to pay the $30, then email the following to

  • Card name and types
  • An image in landscape format
  • Special text for the card
Cards are printed in the same print runs with an existing event, and you'll have to pick your cards up at that event. At this point, we don't ship cards separately. Your card will be in the same style as the convention set that your card is bring printed with, although we can often make exceptions to this. Ask in your email for details.

Our next event is an unusual event. We will be at Connecticon with Dragon's Lair, so we are not doing the usual scavenger hunt, but will be demoing and selling Dragon's Lair sets.

To have a set of cards for pickup at Connecticon, use the button below and get us your card info no later than June 23rd. If you would like the card for a later event, please specify in your email.

Name for your card