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Three Ways to Have ConCardia at Your Event
There are now three ways to have ConCardia at your event:
  • The Old Fashioned Way
  • ConCardia Light
  • ConCardia Direct

The Old Fashioned Way

Over the last five years, hundreds of convention goers have enjoyed ConCardia as both an at-event scavenger hunt and collectible card game. Our team has gone to the convention and taken care of everything from creating the cards and manning a ConCardia table to teaching the game and managing the scavenger hunt.

While it is surprisingly affordable to have ConCardia at an event (we only ask for the cost of printing, accommodations, admission, and a table to run the game from) , a small event may find any additional expense overwhelming. Understanding that, we now offer two more flexible options to get ConCardia into your event.

ConCardia Light

Much of the expense in having ConCardia at an event is the cost of bringing our team. When ConCardia was newer and less well known, it was important that we be present at every event. Now that thousands of people are familiar with ConCardia, it is no longer vital that we attend every event.

With ConCardia Light, your only expense is the cost of producing the cards. You set a budget between $100 and $500, and we will produce your card set. We will also provide you with instructions and everything else you need to be able to manage the scavenger hunt and game with your own team.

ConCardia Direct

We have had a number of fans express interest in having cards outside of the events that we work with. For them we have created ConCardia Direct which allows anyone who wants one to order their own card. While this system was designed for individuals, we quickly realized it is an ideal solution for an event with a very limited budget.

An event can be a ConCardia Direct Partner. Your event will still have its own unique card design and set number. We will set up a special sign up form for your event where your participants can order their own cards. All you have to do is share the link with your performers, vendors, staff, and attendees. Their cards can be mailed directly to them, and we'll give you a complete list of every card in your set for attendees to find. We'll also send you a pack of glossy ConCardia rules sheets for your attendees to use to learn to play the game.

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