We have a lot of players out there who enjoy ConCardia and would like to help make it grow, but sometimes they need a little inspiration to really promote it.

Does this inspire you?
From May 4th to July 1st, we will be running a ConCardia Ambassador or "Conbassador" program. It's simple. You sign up and receive a unique coupon code for the ConCardia store. Get people to use the code to make purchases and get points. Get the most points, win the grand prize.

The prize pool will start out at $500 (Grand prize of $300), and for each 300 packs sold during the program, we'll add $200 more to the prize pool up to a maximum of $5,000 (Grand prize of $2,000)! See the bottom of this page for the full details on how the pool will grow.

There will be a prize for first and second place as well as one or more wild card prizes. Wild card prizes will be given at random, with each coupon use giving you one chance to win. So, even if you can only get a few purchases made, you still have a chance for the wild card prizes.

There are a few ways to get points besides just the coupon code. Yes, you can get points for your own activities, so be sure to use your own coupon code for any purchase you make.

Coupons - You will get 5 points every time your coupon code is used, regardless of the size of the order.

Patreon - If you can get someone to sign up as a Patreon at at the $40 level or higher, you get 40 points when they are charged on June 1 and July 1. Unfortunately, we have no automated way to track this, so the individual will have to let us know that you sent them.

Decks - Connect us with someone who can partner with us to make an awesome deck and you'll get 1 point every time that deck sells during the contest period. You may be the partner yourself, but your deck must sell a minimum of 15 copies during the contest period or else you will suffer a 20 point penalty to ensure that you are committed.

Events - Host a ConCardia event, and get 5 points for each person who participates. See below for Event rules.

Sharing - If you share certain posts, they will be worth 1 point each.

Videos - Make a video that explains or promotes ConCardia and post it to Youtube, and you will get between 5 and 25 points.

  • 5 points for making video
  • 5 points if you have your coupon code and store link in it
  • 5 points if it explains how to play
  • 5 points if it makes ConCardia look fun
  • 5 points if I think it is awesome

Points will be updated regularly and available to view online.

To earn points, an event must conform to the following rules:

  • Venue must be open to the public (Game store, mall, VFW hall is good. Your living room is not)
  • You must take at least 1 minute of video of the event in which people are actively playing ConCardia. This video may be used for ConCardia publicity.
  • You must take pictures of all participants that you are claiming for points. These photos may be used for ConCardia publicity.
  • You must provide the names and email addresses of all participants.*
  • You may only claim one event per calendar week.
  • Events must include at least three rounds of ConCardia games.
  • You may (and should) offer some kind of prizes.
*This information will not be shared, but the players will be added to the ConCardia email list, which they can easily unsubscribe from. If they do not wish to provide their name or email, then you will not be able to claim points for them.

Prize Pool
For details of how the prize pool grows as more packs sell, consult the Prize Pool Spreadsheet.

Currently, there are 0 packs sold, which means that the prize pool is as follows:
Grand Prize: $300
2nd Place:$100
1 Wild Card Prize of $100

The maximum prize is at 6900 packs sold:
Grand Prize: $2000
2nd Place: $1000
3rd Place: $700
4th Place: $400
4 Wild Card Prizes of $200

To get started, click the ConCardia back:

Important Note: Campaign will not begin until at least 25 Conbassadors are signed up, and a minimum of 200 decks or equivalent must be sold during campaign period for prizes to be given out.

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