Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Introducing ConCardia Direct

Dear ConCardia Fans,

One of the most common questions we get from people is "Will you be at X event?" Unfortunately, our answer is often 'no' because of the logistics involved in having our team at the event, getting the event to pay for the expenses, communicating with their vendors and performers and all the rest.

However, we have also heard from many of the performers and vendors who do have cards that they take their leftovers out to other events and give them out to great acclaim. Many say that they use their cards as business cards.

We would like to encourage this behavior, so we are introducing ConCardia Direct. You can now order your own custom card to give out at cons, use as a business card, share with your friends or do whatever else your little heart desires.

For just $30, you will get 60 copies of your custom card. You can get additional copies of your card at a rate of $10 per 60 additional cards.

Perhaps you don't just want an average power card. Fortunately for you, we can be bought!
Want your card to be more powerful than the average card? That can be arranged for an extra $20.
Want your card to be super powerful? That can be done for an additional $40.
Want your card to be game-breakingly good? We can be convinced to do that for $100.

To order a card, visit the order form here.

If you aren't 100% sure what you want your card to do, that's ok! We'll send you a proof before we send it to the printers.

Because this is a new an experimental program, we're going to give you a little bonus if you order your card before July 15th, 2018. With your cards, you'll get a random one of our awesome ConCardia decks. For each additional 60 cards you order, we'll throw in another deck. This way you'll not only have your cards to give out, but you'll have a few decks to teach people to play with. Need more cards? You can order them at store.concardia.biz

Questions? Email info@concardiagame.com.

What ConCardia at your convention? There's now three ways to do it.

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