Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Draft Procedure

With the advent of a variety of 60 card decks, players may wish to have a good way to buy one deck and divide it among a group. Below are rules you could use for a draft. They are not official rules that must be followed, but a guideline that your group can adapt to their own needs.

This procedure could be used for either V3 or V4 rules, but it will work especially well with the new Version 4 rules.

The point is that it be fair and everyone have fun. Beyond that, there's no wrong way to draft.

  1.  Randomize the cards to be drafted.
  2. Divide the deck evenly among the player, then divide each of those stacks into three stacks.
  3. Each player picks up the first stack and selects one card before passing the stack to the left.
  4. Repeat until the first stack has been distributed, then repeat step 3 with the second stack, but this time pass to the right. The 3rd stack is passed to the left again.
  5. Players build decks from the cards selected. If each player has less than 20 cards, then they may build a deck as small as 13 cards, rather than the usual 20.

A group may choose to maintain a communal collection and simply draft each time they play to create a more dynamic card environment, or the draft can be used a divvy up a new set of cards that was acquired.

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