Monday, April 24, 2017

Sometimes You Really Need Professional Help

There are a number of industries in which the greatest competition that a professional faces is not other professionals but the erroneous belief that people can do it themselves just as well. Photographers, web designers, and event planners know well what I am talking about.

12 megapixels means
I'm a photographer, right?
People who would never dream of doing their own taxes or repairing their own cars, believe that they create professional looking web sites or take great photographs... or make effective event vendor traffic programs.

As someone who has been designing programs to promote vendors at events for half a decade, I too see the misguided efforts of event organizers to throw together some kind of program to push traffic to preferred vendors.

A couple weeks ago, I attended a business expo. It ran for one afternoon, and was otherwise very well organized. There was a fantastic array of businesses to interact with. So many, in fact, that one could not possibly have time to talk to them all. An ideal venue for a scavenger hunt to drive traffic to sponsors and preferred vendors.

They had a scavenger hunt, but it was based on riddles. You got a sheet of riddles, the solution to each was a business to visit. When you visited them, they signed their spot on a card, and if you got all the spots filled, you won a prize. This program had two critical flaws:

First, finding the businesses would require a participant to take about half an hour of their precious time at the event to sit down with the riddles and the very long vendor list to figure out which ones to visit. Anyone who was serious about making contacts would consider this a waste of time, and likely anyone who was willing to prioritize this puzzle over visiting vendors is less likely to be the kind of person that the vendor was hoping to meet.

They're going to see someone. Will they see you?
Second, there was no way to verify the signatures that the participants got on the card. A participant could very easily fake a few signatures and claim the prize without visiting the vendors.

Otherwise, the expo was a fantastic event, and I'm sure that the people who came up with this riddle scavenger hunt were very smart people, but they lacked experience in producing this kind of program.

With 5 years of experience developing vendor hunts just like this, ConCardia would have been a perfect solution to their need to promote vendors. It could even have been done in a way that would create no expense for the event organizer.

If you are running an event (or know someone who is), don't reinvent the wheel. Bring in the experts. ConCardia has been helping people find their way to the best* vendors at an event for half a decade. We can help them find the best vendors at your event too. Contact us at for more information.

Have you experienced these kinds of activities that were meant to be fun but somehow felt more like homework? Tell us about them in the comments!

*We are a little biased in thinking that any vendor who chooses to have a ConCardia card is the best.

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