Saturday, February 11, 2017

The New C4 Rules are Here!

Every one loves ConCardia, but the rules are a bit dense. Thousands have collected cards but less than a hundred actually played the card game. This tells us that it's time for a simpler card game.

You asked, and we provided. Multiplayer, playable in 15 minutes, learnable in moments, C4 is a whole new rules set that will change the way you game! Well, at least change the way you play ConCardia cards.

We have a playtest set of the rules available for download here. Print out a deck for each player, and give it a try.

We will be premiering the first convention set at Dark Side of the Con, March 17-19, but before that we are producing four preconstructed decks of 15 cards each to teach people to play and use as starters.

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