Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The New Arrow Rules Are Here

For those of you who have played ConCardia at previous conventions, you know that the previous rules for playing the card game were a bit cumbersome. This has to do with the evolution of the game. Originally, we envisioned ConCardia as a game that people would playing standing around, maybe in line for a performance, so the rules had to be simple enough that it could be quick, easy, and played without a table.

Unfortunately, a game that simple isn't really interesting to play, so we spiced it up with cards with special effects, but that resulted in a top heavy game, without a sufficient base of core rules to support it.

We also realized that, even with the simpler version of the game, nobody every played the game standing up in line. It never happened. Players were finding a table and playing.

Based on what we learned, we rebuilt the rules from the ground up, creating an entirely new rule set called "Arrows". The base rules without any special cards form a fun and interesting territory control strategy game, with a flavor of Go and Othello. The special card text built on that creates a dynamic and robust play experience that I am sure you will all love.

To see the new rules, click the "Rules" tab above.

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