Thursday, April 24, 2014

ConCardia: More Than Conventions

When I first developed ConCardia, it was designed to be an Augmented Reality Game for conventions. The versatility of the format, however, has lead me to discover that the potential is so much greater. Esther Wheelmaker, the author of Gravely Inanimated has commissioned a special card set for her book. We are working with podcasters to create sets to represent their shows. I've even had interest from a Little League team about making ConCardia cards they can use as baseball cards. We are also working with some downtown business communities on making ConCardia work for them.

One of the cards from the Gravely Inanimated Set
People love to collect things and they love to play games, and this is true in all walks of life. Even if people don't necessarily want to play the card game, many people still enjoy a good scavenger hunt. In fact, in our convention experience we find that some people like to hunt and some people like to play, which works out perfectly because people tend to wander in groups. One person enjoys the search to find the cards then hands their cards over to their friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, father, etc who enjoys building decks and playing the game.

How can ConCardia help you? Here's some thoughts:

The card that I will be giving out at Steampunk World's Fair
as my business card, and as a pretty good card for your deck.

Business Owners

ConCardia cards cost about as much to have printed as a color, double-sided business card, and a card can contain everything a business card can. However, with the added interest of being part of a collectible game, it is more likely that people will keep your card longer. They might even end up playing it in a deck or trading it with another player, spreading information about your business much farther than a normal business card would.

Team Cards/Sports Cards

Everyone wants to be on their own sports card. Are you part of a Softball team, got kids on a Hockey team, part of a highly competitive Scrabble club? For as little as $4 per person, you could make ConCardia cards for the members of the team, complete with picture and maybe even stats!

Special Events

Anything from a corporate convention to a family reunion could be made more interesting by having something to search for. Having an event at a school where people are meeting the teachers? Have a card made for each teacher and offer a prize for anyone who collects them all.

Anything Your Imagination Can Conceive

A year and a half running ConCardia has taught me that the players of my game are incredible creative. I'm sure that as you read this, you are thinking of many awesome ideas, and ConCardia is flexible enough for all of them. If you have an idea, I probably have a way to implement it in the framework of ConCardia. Try me! Email

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