Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Draft Procedure

With the advent of a variety of 60 card decks, players may wish to have a good way to buy one deck and divide it among a group. Below are rules you could use for a draft. They are not official rules that must be followed, but a guideline that your group can adapt to their own needs.

This procedure could be used for either V3 or V4 rules, but it will work especially well with the new Version 4 rules.

The point is that it be fair and everyone have fun. Beyond that, there's no wrong way to draft.

  1.  Randomize the cards to be drafted.
  2. Divide the deck evenly among the player, then divide each of those stacks into three stacks.
  3. Each player picks up the first stack and selects one card before passing the stack to the left.
  4. Repeat until the first stack has been distributed, then repeat step 3 with the second stack, but this time pass to the right. The 3rd stack is passed to the left again.
  5. Players build decks from the cards selected. If each player has less than 20 cards, then they may build a deck as small as 13 cards, rather than the usual 20.

A group may choose to maintain a communal collection and simply draft each time they play to create a more dynamic card environment, or the draft can be used a divvy up a new set of cards that was acquired.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sometimes You Really Need Professional Help

There are a number of industries in which the greatest competition that a professional faces is not other professionals but the erroneous belief that people can do it themselves just as well. Photographers, web designers, and event planners know well what I am talking about.

12 megapixels means
I'm a photographer, right?
People who would never dream of doing their own taxes or repairing their own cars, believe that they create professional looking web sites or take great photographs... or make effective event vendor traffic programs.

As someone who has been designing programs to promote vendors at events for half a decade, I too see the misguided efforts of event organizers to throw together some kind of program to push traffic to preferred vendors.

A couple weeks ago, I attended a business expo. It ran for one afternoon, and was otherwise very well organized. There was a fantastic array of businesses to interact with. So many, in fact, that one could not possibly have time to talk to them all. An ideal venue for a scavenger hunt to drive traffic to sponsors and preferred vendors.

They had a scavenger hunt, but it was based on riddles. You got a sheet of riddles, the solution to each was a business to visit. When you visited them, they signed their spot on a card, and if you got all the spots filled, you won a prize. This program had two critical flaws:

First, finding the businesses would require a participant to take about half an hour of their precious time at the event to sit down with the riddles and the very long vendor list to figure out which ones to visit. Anyone who was serious about making contacts would consider this a waste of time, and likely anyone who was willing to prioritize this puzzle over visiting vendors is less likely to be the kind of person that the vendor was hoping to meet.

They're going to see someone. Will they see you?
Second, there was no way to verify the signatures that the participants got on the card. A participant could very easily fake a few signatures and claim the prize without visiting the vendors.

Otherwise, the expo was a fantastic event, and I'm sure that the people who came up with this riddle scavenger hunt were very smart people, but they lacked experience in producing this kind of program.

With 5 years of experience developing vendor hunts just like this, ConCardia would have been a perfect solution to their need to promote vendors. It could even have been done in a way that would create no expense for the event organizer.

If you are running an event (or know someone who is), don't reinvent the wheel. Bring in the experts. ConCardia has been helping people find their way to the best* vendors at an event for half a decade. We can help them find the best vendors at your event too. Contact us at for more information.

Have you experienced these kinds of activities that were meant to be fun but somehow felt more like homework? Tell us about them in the comments!

*We are a little biased in thinking that any vendor who chooses to have a ConCardia card is the best.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

What's In Store For You?

The new ConCardia store is now up! You can now order the 6 original pre-constructed decks through the store, and if you order all 6, you'll get an extra bonus copy of one random deck.

The store will be the place to get a wide variety of pre-constructed and licensed decks. A licensed deck is one that features some other group such as a band, movie, author, or even a community group. Any organization or even a person an get a licensed deck made.

You can find the store at

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We are excited to announce that ConCardia has been invited to Lunacon, one of the oldest and most respected scifi conventions in America.

The event is April 7-9, 2017 in Tarrytown, NY. More details at their web site.

Guests at this convention include:
Writer Guest of Honor Ben Bova
Artist Guest of Honor Bob Eggleton
Fan Guest of Honor Roberta Rogow
Musical Guests Boogie Knights
Special Guest Artist Marianne Plumridge

And most of them will have ConCardia cards to give out.

If you are interested in having a card at Lunacon, email

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The New C4 Rules are Here!

Every one loves ConCardia, but the rules are a bit dense. Thousands have collected cards but less than a hundred actually played the card game. This tells us that it's time for a simpler card game.

You asked, and we provided. Multiplayer, playable in 15 minutes, learnable in moments, C4 is a whole new rules set that will change the way you game! Well, at least change the way you play ConCardia cards.

We have a playtest set of the rules available for download here. Print out a deck for each player, and give it a try.

We will be premiering the first convention set at Dark Side of the Con, March 17-19, but before that we are producing four preconstructed decks of 15 cards each to teach people to play and use as starters.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Coming Next: Wicked Faire!

The final Wicked Faire is coming, and ConCardia is honored to be a part of it.

The four tribes of Wicked Faire shall compete through the medium of ConCardia. Join us in Princeton, NJ, February 19-21, 2016. The Wicked Faire set uses the Faction mechanic which is unique so far to Wicked Faire sets.

It's not too late to get your own card in the set. Cards are available for vendors, staff, performers, and even just regular folks. For more information, email